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about me

I am a Tel Aviv-based dancer, choreographer and journalist. My work, be it on stage, the Internet or on paper, is devoted to exploring the connection between words and movement.

As a dancer, I have worked with independent choreographers and companies in the USA, Europe and Israel. My body of work includes The PaintingPortrait #2, The Suit, Help Desk, Birth Preparation Course as well as the dance films Carriage and Expecting. She is a co-creator and movement director of the play Blueberry by Nataly Zukerman, which won Best Show at the 2022 Akko International Fringe Theater Festival.


Choreography Latest Work 

Akko Int'l Fringe Theater Festival | Blueberry | 2022

A Genre Festival |   Help Desk  |  2022  

Akko Int'l Fringe Theater Festival  |  Birth Preparation Course  |  2021   

From Jaffa to Agripas |  Meet Me in the Market  |  2020 & 2021  

Intimadance |  The Suit  |  2019   

Journalism Latest Work

Haaretz  |   Parental Choreography column  |  Since 2019  

I24 NEWS  |   Arts and Culture Correspondent   |   Since 2017

Creative Writing  |   Founder & Director  |   Since 2016

JPost  |   Arts and Culture Correspondent   |   Since 2007

Dance Latest Work

Rachel Erdos  |   Etai's Castle  |   2021

Amodu | Homemade Ensemble |  2020

Rachel Erdos  |   Q&A   |   2017  

Justkatzit Dance Theatre  |   Multi  |   2016

EVENTS & Workshops

Rachel Erdos   |   Too Old for this S$@#!   |   Dramaturg

Aerowaves   |   Spring Forward Festival   |   Host of Spring Forward TV!

VDance  |   VDance International Film Festival   |   Producer, Curator of International Program

Creative Writing  |   PIMP MY TEXT  |   Host and Mentor

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