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a dance piece

A Dance Piece began from a wish to make a work that would be easily categorized as dance. "How hard can it be to make 15 minutes of movement?" I naively asked myself. As it turns out, it can be incredibly challenging. Those fifteen minutes turned into a creation that brought me face to face with thirty years of dance demons, with my first love and with my dreams, past, present and future. 

Photo by Natasha Shakhnes

Choreography, Text and Performance: Ori Lenkinski

Artistic Advisors: Rachel Erdos, Anat Cederbaum, Renana Raz, Jean Gaudin

Music: Anne Muller, Brad Oberhofer, Sinead O Brien

Premiere: MashFest- Machol Shalem Dance House, Jerusalem

This piece was developed in the Between the Seas Residency in Monemvasia, Greece, S.ES.TA Choreography Centre in Zdar nad Sazavou, Czech Republic, Dance Complex in Cambridge, USA and Menashe Dance House Residency Program in Ein Shemer, Israel. The creation received support from the Rabinovich Foundation, the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Choreographers’ Association.

Thanks to Shahar Shpalter.

Duration: 35 minutes

Past performances

Menashe Dance House- Ein Shemer, Israel
Dance Complex- Cambridge, USA
S.ES.TA- Zdar nad Sazavou, Czech Republic
Dance Center- Emek Hamaayanot, Israel
Between the Seas- Monemvasia, Greece


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