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Prisoner of zion

Prisoner of Zion premiered as part of the ‘Incubator’ of the 2023 Akko International Fringe Theatre Festival. Created over 10 months, the performance dealt with Lee Perlman’s personal crisis with Zionism. The audience was invited, as a make-shift support group, to take part in an intervention – between Lee and the Zionist Idea.  Then on October 7th, 4 days after the festival, the “Black Sabbath” blew up our reality as we knew it.

At the TMUNA Theatre there will be a renewed attempt to deal with the colossal changes that our society is undergoing. How does the chaos impact Lee, Nadav and each and every audience member? Will Lee reconsider his divorce from Zionism? Does Nadav still believe in the viability of peace?

We offer a safe space, an artistic shelter to ask questions without committing ahead of time to the answers.

POZ Photo.jpeg

Written by: Lee Perlman and Nadav Bossem

Director: Nadav Bossem

Dramaturgy: Ori Lenkinski

Stage Design: Naomi Marberg

Lighting Design: Nizar Hamra
Assistant Director: Noa Prashker

Performers: Lee Perlman and Nadav Bossem

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