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Birth Preparation Course

Birth Preparation Course is an intergalactic, interactive lesson on human reproduction taught by a future species in deep space.

Drawing on materials taught by midwives and doulas in birth preparation courses around the world, the performance employs text, movement, music, props and audience participation to convey information about how each and every human came into being.

The class places emphasis on the placenta, a mysterious, often hidden and essential organ. The class is held in English.

photo by Efrat Mazor

Concept, choreography and performance: Ori Lenkinski

Lighting Design: Netta Koren

Set Design: Avidan Ben Giat

Stage Management: Alina Zhutovsky

Music: Walter Wanderley, Meara O’Reilly, Roisin Murphy, Brian Eno, Techtronics, Sonnymoon, Barbara Lewis

Premiere: Akko International Festival for Fringe Theater, September 2021

Duration: 47 minutes

Past performances
Istanbul Fringe Festival- Turkey
Stet The English Theatre- Holland
Stoa- Turkey
Machol Shalem Dance House- Israel
Tmuna Theater- Israel
Akko Theater- Israel

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