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Bringing a life into the world is a delicate act of carriage. For the long months of pregnancy, a woman’s body transforms into a vehicle for new life or lives. On the outside, she remains herself, if not a rounder version, yet on the inside, organs rearrange themselves to best encapsulate and sustain this life project. Carriage is a moment to gaze at seven pregnant, moving women.

Works by Ori Lenkinski 2022 English.jpg

Concept and choreography: Rachel Erdos and Ori Lenkinski

Direction and Editing: Efrat Einey

Videography: Mor Katzman

Performers: Talia Beck, Roni Brandsteter, Dalia Chaimsky, Shani Katzman, Ori Lenkinski, Gefen Liberman, Inbar Nemirovsky

Costumes: Avishag Arbel

Makeup: Luca Sun

Assistant Producer: Uri Dicker

Music: Sara Neufeld

Premiere: July 2018- Meeting Festival, Bat Yam, Israel

Screenings: La Danze in 1 Minuto- Italy, American Dance Festival Movies by Movers, Athens Video Dance Project, Videoskin- Yukon, Canada, Radical Heritage Festival- Udaipur and Jaipur, India, Fresh Paint Art Fair- Israel, Moving Images International Videodance Festival, Nicosia, Cyrpus, Meeting Festival, Bat Yam- Israel

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