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The period before birth is one of anticipation. Where now there is quiet, soon there will be sound. Where now there are empty arms, soon, we hope, there will be a small life. We walk the halls of our homes imagining the near future, attempting to visualize the inconceivable change that awaits us. Expecting is a dance film about these moments.

Works by Ori Lenkinski 2022 English.jpg

Concept and Choreography: Rachel Erdos and Ori Lenkinski

Film and Editing: Efrat Mazor

Dancers: Shuli Enosh, Olivia Court Mesa

Make Up: Paula Fay

Costume Concept: Shira Wise

Styling: Ronnie Sharon

Music: Rachel’s

kelim choreography center- bat yam, israel
moving images dance film festival- nicosia, cyprus
choreographers' association- tel aviv, israel

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