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Meet Me in the Market

Meet Me in the Market is a choreographic walking tour of Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda Market led by a Jackie Kennedy-inspired character. In 1962, Valentine’s Day, Jackie Kennedy invited the world, via camera lens, on a tour of the White House. Nearly sixty years later, Ori Lenkinski channels Jackie Kennedy to host a select group of audience members on a stroll through one of Jerusalem’s oldest markets during which she shares rarely told stories about the locals, the city and herself.

meet me by Ori Lenkinski 2022 English.jpg

Text, Choreography and Performance: Ori Lenkinski

Stage Management: Tomer Giat

Artistic Direction: Sofia Krantz, Elad Shechter, Rachel Erdos

Premiere: From Jaffa To Agripas Festival 2020

Duration: 50 minutes

Past performances
mahane yehuda market- jerusalem, israel
alfred institute- tel aviv, israel
commissioner's palace promenade- jerusalem, israel
jardin botanico- almada, portugal

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