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The Painting

The Painting was inspired by the works of Belgian artist Michael Borremans. Drawing on the texture and states presented in his haunting images, we began a conversation about the desire to be at once seen and unseen, present and distant. This dialogue brought us to sit around a table and that table became the anchor of the piece.

Works by Ori Lenkinski 2022 English.jpg

Choreography and Performance: Michal Hersonski and Ori Lenkinski

Set and Costume Design: Michal Hersonski and Ori Lenkinski

Music: Rachel’s, The Weather Station

Costumes: Layou by Hila Sharon

Premiere: Shades of Dance Choreography Competition 2015, Suzanne Dellal Center

Duration: 16 minutes

Past performances

akko theater- Akko, Israel
Jerusalem International Dance Week- Jerusalem, Israel
Kelim Choreography Center- Bat Yam, Israel
Suzanne Dellal Centre- Tel Aviv, Israel

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